Hello Out There

Hello out there and welcome to On Edge Blogs.

A bit about me first of all,

My name is Gemma. Edge is a nickname that my dad gave to me when I was about 6 or 7 years old… why? I can’t quite remember… I’m fairly sure it was something to do with me being a very temperamental child and balancing on a knife edge (mood wise). I could be wrong despite him having told me the story many times… it’s also pretty much the only nickname that has ever really stuck and I still get called edge now.


I am currently 24 years old. I started a blog on WordPress at 22 so the first few posts on here will probably be the copy and pasted versions of those.

I live in the scottish countryside with my husband of two years and our four year old husky, Loki.

This blog is basically just the inner workings of my brain on a page. All opinions expressed are my own, unless stated otherwise. Also i may use some photos which will be my own. Again unless stated otherwise.

Anyway, have a look around and i hope you enjoy.